Parent of secondary age children

‘’Both my daughters were assessed by Emily Vincent. My eldest daughter has a complex neurological profile with executive functions impairments which affect multiple areas of her academic and social life. Emily Vincent’s unique talent is to extract acutely relevant recommendations from highly thorough and insightful observations and assessments. The value of her reports is not only in the assessment but more importantly and uniquely, in the extensive summary of recommendations she provides. In my opinion, this is the single most important criteria that differentiates her from other psychologists who have assessed my daughters in the past. Emily Vincent skilfully interprets the data and makes research-based recommendations. She relates cognitive difficulties to the possible academic challenges and offers educational strategies, methods and interventions for those areas. Her reports are a pillar of support in our lives. I continue to use them extensively, going back to them over and over, each time finding new insight and helpful guidance.’’

Parent of secondary age children.


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