Assessment Procedure

ESP Assessment Procedure

How to book:

  1. Initial contact is made by parents or school by email or by phone to discuss the child’s needs and/or to request an assessment date.
  2. A date is agreed and is reserved until a completed booking form is submitted by parents or carers. This allows for early gathering of information and for me to further advise on the assessments that may be best for your child.
  3. A confirmation email will be sent when the parent form has been received to advise that the assessment date is secured. This will also confirm timings and procedure for the assessment day.

Assessment Procedure:

  1. A couple of weeks before the assessment I will gather further information from nursery/school on the main strengths and needs of your child including any support that has been put in place.
  2. On the day an assessment is carried out which may include:

    An observation of the child or young person in the classroom.

    Working with the child or young person to assess their strengths and needs and to gain their views.

    Liaison with other professionals who know the child or young person.

    The nature of the assessment is outlined when booking.

  3. A meeting is held on the same day with you as parents and where possible school staff to gain views, listen to concerns and feedback the assessment results. Strategies are discussed on how your child’s needs may be met.
  4. A review meeting may be set for the future to evaluate progress.
  5. A report is written and sent approximately 15 working days after the assessment. This summarises the assessment findings and ways forward including agreed actions and strategies to address the needs of the child or young person.


Having links to multi agencies allows me to easily signpost you to others when needed.

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