Additional Information for Parents

EP UKIf your child is in a Local Authority school your first port of call should be your Local Authority (LA) Educational Psychologist, as he/she will be able to view the problem in the context of the classroom or school.


  • The amount of Educational Psychologist time that is given by LAs to schools is often limited and the school sometimes cannot 'buy in' enough time now that services are traded
  • Individual cases are prioritised, often with long waiting lists
  • Sometimes there are occasions when parents may prefer an opinion from an independent Educational Psychologist
  • If your child is in independent education then you may not have access to an LA Educational Psychologist

It is also important for parents to know that an independent Educational Psychologist report can contribute towards applying for an Education and Health Care Plan.  Advice can be provided on whether your child is likely to meet the criteria.

As an Independent Educational Psychologist I can help you in these situations.


Having links to multi agencies allows me to easily signpost you to others when needed.

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