Types of Assessment

ESP AssessmentTypes of assessment:

From assessments of thinking skills to behavioural assessments...the type of assessment required will depend upon the purpose for which it is needed. Please see a summary of the types of assessment that are available below. A full list including fees is available on request.

  1. Cognitive abilities assessment six years-adult
    Assesses language skills, non-verbal reasoning, working memory and processing speed providing IQ scores/ability level in the different areas. The assessment highlights learning strengths and difficulties and can be used to identify Gifted and Talented, Specific Learning Difficulties (eg dyslexia, characteristics of dyspraxia) or need for exam.

    This assessment also includes an assessment of reading, spelling and writing skills.

  2. There is also an option for numeracy to be assessed by way of a ten minute assessment or a thorough one hour assessment to look into the existence of dyscalculia. This identifies pupil’s knowledge of and gaps in numeracy concepts and number sense.

  3. Review assessments. Carried out when the child has had a cognitive assessment in the last two years. Used to monitor progress in attainments or highlight further needs.

Measures of self-esteem, emotional and/or behavioural difficulties 
Carried out to understand thoughts and feelings and explore functions of behaviour.

Includes assessments of self esteem and self confidence, anxiety, screening tools for Autistic Spectrum Disorder*(ASD), Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder*(ADHD) and Sensory Processing* eg over sensitivity to sound, need for movement

*If a formal diagnosis has not been made, and is desired, advice can be given on the correct referral route.

A considerable emphasis is put on helping the child or young person feel relaxed and at ease throughout the assessment.


To request a full list of available assessments with further explanation and related fees please contact me.


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